The documentation you're currently reading is for version 3.2.0. Click here to view documentation for the latest stable version.

Vagrant & Virtual Appliance

Vagrant / OVA is a quick and easy way to try StackStorm in a VM.

It’s already pre-installed, configured and tested virtual machine image and so saves time avoiding time-consuming installation and configuration steps. Perfect for a quick platform overview, testing, demo or even using StackStorm in isolated from the internet air-gapped systems.

We highly recommend using a Vagrant box to get familiar with the StackStorm platform.

The source code is available as a GitHub repo: StackStorm/packer-st2


Virtualbox is required along with Vagrant when it’s used. If you’re not familiar with Vagrant, we recommend looking at Introduction to Vagrant.

Vagrant Quick Start

Starting a StackStorm Vagrant VM is easy:

vagrant init stackstorm/st2
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

This will boot up a fresh StackStorm installation along with the Mistral workflow engine on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. You can access Web UI at or SSH to the box vagrant ssh if you prefer st2 CLI.

Virtual Appliance / OVA

As alternative to Vagrant box is Virtual appliance which is available for download as .OVA image from the StackStorm/packer-st2 Github Releases page. It might be especially helpful for the isolated from the internet air-gapped environments.


Linux login credentials:
Username: vagrant
Password: vagrant

StackStorm login details:
Username: st2admin
Password: Ch@ngeMe


If using OVA in production environment, don’t forget to change the default credentials and delete SSH authorized keys for vagrant linux user.


At the moment only Virtualbox provider is supported in Open Source version. Please contact Extreme Sales and let us know if you are interested in an Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC) image or VMWare-compatible virtual appliance.

Tips & Tricks

Updating the Vagrant box

Once the newer box version is released, Vagrant will warn you about the available update. To update the box:

vagrant box outdated
vagrant box remove stackstorm/st2
vagrant up

Pinning the Vagrant box version

Whether you want to pin StackStorm, it’s possible to use specific box version. While adding the box for the first time:

vagrant init stackstorm/st2 --box-version 2.7.1-20180507
vagrant up

Or directly in Vagrantfile:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "stackstorm/st2"
  config.vm.box_version = "2.7.1-20180507"

The list of available box versions can be found at Vagrant Cloud.



Sometimes StackStorm does not run properly for some reason.

Discovering why at a infra level is the responsibility of st2-integration-tests which will perform StackStorm infrastructure/integration tests and report back with more detailed info. This can save time for both you & community to avoid extensive troubleshooting steps.

If something went wrong, - just run st2-integration-tests

Bugs & Issues & Contributions

The source code is available as a GitHub repo: StackStorm/packer-st2. We’re welcoming your bug reports, feature requests or even better, - pull requests.