The documentation you're currently reading is for version 3.1.0. Click here to view documentation for the latest stable version.

Using VCS Fabric

These workflows can be used with VCS Fabric implementations. This document provides a summary of what the workflows do - see the reference documentation for specific details on requirements, parameters, return codes and error messages.

Add a Multihomed or Singlehomed Endpoint

Workflow Name: add_multihomed_endpoint

Workflow Name: add_singlehomed_endpoint

The add_multihomed_endpoint workflow automates the configuration of the edge ports of the VCS fabric. The workflow automates creation of port-channel interfaces (LAGs and vLAGs), configuration of the port-channel interface as access or trunk, creation and association of VLANs with the port-channel interfaces as well as validation of the port channel state.

This workflow must be used to automate the provisioning external layer 2 connections from the VCS fabric. The external connections can be to endpoints in the network like physical hosts or network services like load balancers and firewalls or can be to other networking devices like Core devices.

When deploying single homed endpoints, use add_singlehomed_endpoint workflow, which works similar to the above except without creating a port channel.

Configure VRRPe Gateway

Workflow Name: configure_vrrpe_gw

The configure_vrrpe_gw workflow automates the creation of a VRRP-E based default gateway in a VCS fabric including the VE interfaces.

This workflow can be used for use cases where L3 boundary is present in the VCS fabric. This could be at the spine in a VRRP-E based redundant gateway for the VLANs present in the fabric, the provisioning for which is automated through this workflow. It could also be used where the Layer 3 boundary is at the border leaves.

Add Multihomed Endpoint and Configure L3 Gateway

** Workflow Name: add_multihomed_endpoint_and_gw**

The add_multihomed_endpoint_and_gw workflow automates the addition of an endpoint which needs Layer 3 termination within the VCS fabric. It automates the provisioning of both the edge ports as well as the VRRP-E based redundant gateway. It combines the actions in add_multihomed_endpoint and configure_vrrpe_gw.