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Automation Suites are collections of workflows, actions, sensors and services that target specific networking use-cases, e.g. Data Center Fabric architectures, or Internet Exchanges. They deliver turnkey workflows for provisioning, validation, troubleshooting and remediation workflows.

These are installed on top of Extreme Workflow Composer. Users can install one or more suites. Suites may have dependencies - e.g. the Network Essentials suite is foundational for other suites.

Users may modify these workflows to customise them to their needs.

Network Essentials

Network Essentials is a foundational set of workflows for operating Extreme network devices. It includes actions such as port provisioning, SNMP, NTP & AAA configuration. These are basic building blocks that are used by other suites. Customers can also use these blocks to create their own customised workflows.

It currently supports Extreme VDX and SLX devices. See more details here.

DC Fabric

The DC Fabric Automation Suite is an add-on package for Extreme Workflow Composer that provides services and pre-built automations for managing Data Center Fabrics - both VCS Fabric and IP Fabric architectures. It includes workflows such as:

  • Provision and validate IP Fabrics and BGP-EVPN
  • Perform Layer-2 path traces across VCS Fabrics
  • Find and provision edge ports

It works with all current VDX switches, and SLX-9850 switches when used as a super-spine. It is currently available as a Technology Preview.

See more details here.

Internet Exchange

The Internet Exchange suite provides workflows that target common use-cases seen by Internet Exchanges. Workflows include customer port provisioning, move systems to quarantine, MAC ACL updates, and route server validation.

It will work with SLX-9850 and 9540 switches. Future updates will include MLXe support. Technology Preview versions of this automation suite will begin shipping soon.

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