The documentation you're currently reading is for version 2.3.2. Click here to view documentation for the latest stable version.

Ask for help!ΒΆ

We stand behind BWC and make the best effort to support you. Ask for support on any of the following channels:

  • Slack: If you’re not slacker yet, good excuse to become one! Slack allows you to search in archives. This is great if you want to know if someone else had an issue that you are facing! Come hang out. Register here.
  • IRC: We can all get our geek fix!
  • Email support and we’ll get back to you!

Please have the following list ready so we can help you faster!

  1. st2 version. (st2 --version)
  2. st2client version. (pip show st2client)
  3. OS version. (Cent OS 7. uname -a)
  4. Python version. (python --version)
  5. A brief description of the problem.
  6. Any relevant logs you have collected. [Please use Pastebin or github gists.]

You may also use st2-submit-debug-info tool (See Submitting Debugging Information).

If you are sure there is a st2 bug after your research, file an issue in st2 repo.

A good bug report should contain all the items listed above. You can also provide steps to reproduce the bug on our end. More information you provide us, faster we can resolve your issue!