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Database Issues

This section contains information on how to troubleshoot MongoDB database-related issues.

MongoDB Authentication

The BWC installation script automatically creates two new MongoDB users, stackstorm and admin. stackstorm is granted the readWrite role on the st2 database. admin is granted the dbAdmin role on the admin db.

The script generates a random password, and assigns it to both users. It is stored in the [database] section of /etc/st2/st2.conf, e.g.:

username = stackstorm
password = ZXqvqSRejrY6gKO9wvYgJFdh

Here’s an example of using that username and password to authenticate using the Mongo CLI:

[vagrant@st2vagrant ~]$ mongo -u stackstorm -p ZXqvqSRejrY6gKO9wvYgJFdh st2
MongoDB shell version: 3.2.16
connecting to: st2