The documentation you're currently reading is for version 2.6.0. Click here to view documentation for the latest stable version.

Enabling Debug Mode

You can enable debug mode for a particular service by starting it with the --debug command line flag. You can also edit the st2.conf config file and set system.debug to True as shown below:

debug = True

After making this change, restart all services with sudo st2ctl restart.

When running a service in the debug mode, all log messages logged under the DEBUG log level will also be included in the EWC logs at /var/log/st2/.

In addition to that, when debug mode is enabled, all the API JSON responses are pretty-formatted and a traceback will also be included in the logs for all the API requests which result in an exception.

Running Single-threaded Services

If you are debugging issues with st2api or st2auth, it may be useful to start a single-threaded worker. You can do so with these commands:

/opt/stackstorm/st2/bin/gunicorn_pecan /opt/stackstorm/st2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/st2api/ -k eventlet -b --workers 1 --threads 1 --graceful-timeout 10 --timeout 30

/opt/stackstorm/st2/bin/gunicorn_pecan /opt/stackstorm/st2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/st2auth/ -k eventlet -b --workers 1 --threads 1 --graceful-timeout 10 --timeout 30